Video: Incidents in Mo. show changing criminal society

By PoliceOne Staff

INDEPENDENCE, Mo. — Police say two videos released Friday are evidence of a changing criminal culture in which instead of fleeing police, violators engage.

The first video shows Lonnie Moore, 41, exit a vehicle and fire on an officer, who shoots through the cruiser’s windows and wounds Moore. According to The Examiner, Independence police made the traffic stop in 2010 after encountering a vehicle that looked like one involved in a bank robbery. Once the initial shots were exchanged, Moore reenters the video frame and prolongs the gunfight — ammunition running dry — before taking his own life.

The second incident began with a call of an abandoned vehicle in 2009. As an officer investigated the car, Nicholas Waller, who reportedly carjacked a pizza delivery person, approached and fired, causing a second officer to return fire. Video is captured from that officer’s patrol car — seen striking Waller, who survived and was sent to jail.

Neither incident resulted in injuries for the officers, but Police Capt. John Cato said they illustrate what officers are seeing on the streets with increasing regularity.

“Most of the time, the perpetrators are trying to get away,” he said, “but we’re seeing more instances when they’re bringing the fight toward officers. They’re becoming very aggressive.”

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