Warning to holiday cyber shoppers: don’t get hacked

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Warning to holiday cyber shoppers: don’t get hacked

The email that showed up on my desktop at work seemed to be what it said from the PayPal Team–“Security Measures” confirming my user account, and all I had to do to confirm my account information was click on the “Confirm Now” link. But I don’t have a PayPal account, and if I had clicked on that link, Assistant Professor Arun Vishwanath, in the University at Buffalo’s Department of Communications said, all kinds of bad things could happen to me–or even the entire network my WIVB-TV computer is hooked into. Prof. Vishwanath, who is nationally renowned for his cyber security expertise, and monitors hacker attacks around the world daily, called this kind of email spoof, “spear phishing”. Clicking on the link in that email, Prof. Vishwanath said, would have opened my computer to a “RAT” infection, short for Remote Access Tool. “That tool is going to be used to tunnel into your system, and then it will move in. They will be able to get access to all the other computers on your network. It could be a work network, they could go to your server, and they could start downloading information.” As holiday shopping season approaches, retailers are predicting […]

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