WhatsApp Web Bug Fixed, Security Firms Urge Users to Update Now

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Towards the end of last month, Check Point, an Israeli-based security firm discovered a bug in WhatsApp Web, the PC version of the famous instant messaging and voice calling app, WhatsApp. However, even before this bug became known to the public, the company moved in swiftly with a fix to this bug. The attack, which could have easily put more than 200 million users of this web client at risk, was spotted on August 21 by a security researcher by the name of Kasif Dekel, who works with Check Point. After Check Point had sent a warning or rather notification to WhatsApp developers, they did not hesitate to take immediate action and by the time August 27 was coming around, a fix had already been issued. WhatsApp fixes available via the Web version WhatsApp Web is simply a web client that mirrors the messages of the phone app to the PC client. This is done by syncing the phone and PC such that the messages display on both devices at a time. The web client requires that the phone app be running and the phone connected to the internet to mirror the messages to the PC client. However, you don’t […]

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