With Calendar for Android Wear, your schedule is never more than a tap away

Being in control of your schedule and keeping track of the many events that fill our lives can feel like a juggling act. Smartphones have made it easier, by giving us easy access to our calendars while we’re on the go. Calendar for Android Wear takes the ease of seeing your upcoming appointments a step further, by letting you see your full schedule from your Smartwatch. A simple calendar that lets you view your appointments, and syncs to the calendar on your Smartphone. If you don’t always have the time to check your phone, then this Calendar for Android Wear might be right up your alley.

To open up Calendar for Android Wear, just say ‘Ok Google, open calendar’ or grab it manually. It should automatically sync with your current calendar app. There aren’t any real options for customization, or settings, but that’s because the app concentrates on doing everything right. It’s a basic calendar view, with the month and year at the top of your screen.

The current date is denoted by a red box around the date. You’ll also notice that while some numbers are black, there are red ones as well. The red dates are the days on which you have appointments in your calendar. If you want to check on your calendar for months other than the current one, a quick swipe to the left or right will let you go forward or back in time.

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