Wofford to add hacking, cyber security training to curriculum

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Wofford to add hacking, cyber security training to curriculum

Professors at Wofford College said they will train students to help combat terrorism, using computers as weapons. US security officials said terrorists can use cracks in cyber security systems to recruit operatives and steal and share top secret and sensitive information. Meanwhile, Wofford College professors are preparing to add information on how to attack and defend in cyberspace to their curriculum. “Technology has been progressing quite a lot and we’re not really keeping up with the security, dangers and concern,” said Wofford College Computer Science Professor Dr. Polyxeni Mountrouidou, or “Dr. X” as she is known on campus. Dr. X is also a cyber security expert and hacker. She teaches students how to hack and what she calls “basic training” in cyber security. The basic training is made possible through a nearly $300,000 National Science Foundation Education and Research grant. Dr. X said she hopes to embed cyber security training into courses like technology, public policy, economics, ethics, sociology, and psychology. “I think we can lead in terms of cyber security as well,” Dr. X said.  “I think we’re on the right track where you see these education projects for security to prepare the workforce.” Cyber security training will be […]

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