Yahoo ‘On-Demand’ Password System: What Happens When You Lose Your Smartphone?

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Yahoo has introduced quite an ingenious way to help all those who are constantly forgetting their passwords. The company has just announced a new ‘on-demand’ phone-incorporated password service at the SXSW festival that, almost entirely, eliminates the need to remember passwords. The new Yahoo announcement comes in the wake of several online hacking stories that we come across every day. Online security is something still of an uncharted territory for most of us, even if we are all over the web for one reason or the other. While uploading stuff on the web seems fun, there’s lot more than meets the eye. Breach of online property is quite the grave thing to happen in this age. We are more prone to all things “social” (mostly online) these days with Facebook and Twitter helping us share stuff faster than you can blink. However, problems occur when stuff like the iCloud hack happens and gives rise to the massively downloaded personal explicit content like the ‘Fappening.’ Companies such as Yahoo are aware of all these online threats looming so ominously. But unlike others, Yahoo is taking, it’s safe to say, a kind of unorthodox approach to the entire safety thing. The idea […]

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