Zajic researches coffee shop hacker


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Two major issues within the last couple years greatly illustrate the growing presence of the hacking culture: the Snapchat incident of 2013, where users’ phone numbers and images were leaked, and the Sony hack, where North Korean hackers leaked emails from a key Sony executive to stop the release of the James Franco and Seth Rogan movie, The Interview. Although North Korea’s main objective was not entirely successful (the movie was released in selected theaters and can be purchased online), hacking is still a major global issue. For this reason, computer security experts have been focused on protecting cyber information by strengthening security for the internet and wireless communication. Technological devices, however, leak signals that were thought to be nearly undetectable. Dr. Alenka Zajic, an assistant professor in the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, along with her husband and colleague Milos Prulovic, an associate professor in the School of Computer Science, prove that this is not the case. In an effort to work together and combine each other’s fields of expertise, Zajic and Prulovic decided to take on this ambitious project in 2009. Now, their group has made significant headway and the impact of their research could revolutionize the […]

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