ZookaWare Adware Remover, SpyZooka – Sees Highest Increase in Online Sales in 2011

ZookaWare adware remover, SpyZooka, sees the highest increase in online purchases in 2011. The online purchase is typically followed by an immediate download to the PC.

Phoenix, AZ (PRWEB) January 24, 2012

ZookaWare adware remover, SpyZooka, sees the highest increase in online purchases in 2011, followed immediately by download to the PC. Of the three products included in the ZookaWare suite of PC protection products, SpyZooka saw a greater jump in online sales in comparison to 2010.

Clint Ethington, CEO of ZookaWare, said, “We don’t see the numbers as a means of defining which program is the most important. The majority of users are aware that spyware is a problem. They have heard the horror stories of what spyware, adware, and malware of any kind can do to their PC. They’re more than willing to purchase affordable prevention. We see these numbers as a means of judging consumer awareness. There has definitely been an increase in the awareness of the issues related to spyware/adware and the need for adware remover products.”

ZookaWare has been offering high quality PC solutions and excellent tech support since 2004. Our products are designed specifically for the average PC user. At ZookaWare they call it “designing software for people, not geeks.” The ZookaWare product suite includes: CyberBackup, RegZooka, and SpyZooka. CyberBackup provides a safety net for users by protecting their data through remote storage. RegZooka offers PC error solutions through registry cleaning. SpyZooka finds and removes spyware from PCs and also acts as a preventive measure, keeping spyware from infecting the computer. The ZookaWare suite of products was designed to work together to provide the average user with all the protection they need for their PC.

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