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Going online these days is a risky business. There is all manner of malware trying to steal your personal and financial information. The computer viruses of yesterday tried to crash your computer by deleting the files on your hard drive or perpetrating pranks that printed funny messages. Those days of computer viruses are long gone.

Today’s perpetrators don’t want you to know that your computer is infected. They don’t want you to know because if you did, you would try to correct the problem.

Today’s malware writers include phishing sites, remote-access trojans that take over your computer remotely and create botnets to steal your information, as well as use it to steal others’ financial data, all without you knowing anything is wrong.

And because you don’t know your computer is infected, you don’t do anything about it. And the crimes keep going on and on.

What you need is something that will see if your computer is infected, delete the infection if it is and then protect your computer from ever being infected again. That’s a pretty tall order these days, since these kinds of malware continue to grow at an alarming rate. There are literally thousands of new malware programs created each day. So what you need is something that will protect your computer from everything nasty on the Web and do all of that without bogging your computer down to a crawl. And therein lies the rub.

How many of you have installed so-called anti-virus programs only to finally remove them because your really fast computer has been brought to its virtual knees? This is of great concern to malware protection companies, and only now are we starting to see some products emerge that can handle this horrible situation.

I’d like to tell you about the latest one from a company called G Data. You may not recognize the name here in America, but you will. G Data has just introduced its newest anti-malware product called TotalSecurity 2012, and it’s truly amazing.

First of all, some impressive statistics show that G Data’s product line tested to a 99.7 percent virus detection rate via its unique dual-engine technology. Engine A and Engine B work in tandem to seek out new malware on an hourly basis, not weekly, like most others. TotalSecurity 2012 has been created for the user that lives online. If you do your banking, shopping online, communicate via Instant Messaging and prefer emails to phone calls, then TotalSecurity is made for you.

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