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Snapchat starts charging for multiple message replays, adds new filters and effects for selfies

Messaging app Snapchat has a valuation in the range of $16 billion to $19 billion. How can anyone justify such a figure? In 2014, the app brought in $3 million in revenue and for the year, it was $128 million in the red. An update to Snapchat that is rolling out today, is bringing with it a new source of revenue for the company, along with new features for selfie snapping Snapchat subscribers.

If you’re familiar with Snapchat, you know that once you open a message, you have ten seconds to view it before it disappears. And while Snapchat members have been allowed to replay one message a day …

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Bypass Filters, Block Ads & Be 100% Anonymous Online

In this video I show you how you can hide your traces online and bypass any filter or restrictions you are faced with whether it be location based or filteri…

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German Judge Orders Google to Install YouTube Filters

In a provisional victory for musicians, filmmakers and other creators of art and entertainment, a court in Hamburg ordered Google to install filters on its YouTube service in Germany to detect and stop people from gaining access to material for which they do not own the rights. The judge, Heiner Steeneck, agreed in his ruling that Google was not directly responsible for the uploaded material, but he said the company needed to do more to stop violations.



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Exploitable Since 2002: New Nessus 5 Filters

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