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Several Nexus 6P third-party cases block the laser auto focus, which could break your phone

Before you buy a case for your new Nexus 6P, better check out a problem that has some case manufacturers kicking themselves in the back. Some of the third-party cases listed on Amazon’s site will block the laser auto focus used with the rear camera. The sensor for the laser auto focus is located on the black bar, just to the right of the flash. If you look at the official Nexus 6P product video and pause it at the 18 second mark, the laser auto focus is clearly seen next to the flash.

When looking at the very first render that showed the black bar on the Huawei 6P on August 24th, the laser …

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Syria’s Internet Blackout for several hours ! responsibility claimed by ECA

Thursday morning syria’s all major networks were bring down , The responsibility has been claimed by  European Cyber Army by posting a message against Syrian electronic army at pastebin.

European Cyber Army wrotes

    Transmission from the “European Cyber Army”
    As you may or may not have noticed Syria was wiped off the face of the Internet!
    Below we state our reasons!
    The United States of American is an unfortunate ally of the European Union, meaning any attack against the US is a direct attack or Threat against us!
    The Enemy of my Enemy is my friend!
    The Syrian Electronic Army is a dangerous threat to the global economy and welfare of all nation!
    We had warned SEA that this would happened!
    They ignored our warning and continued to strike American and European targets!
    SEA is a grave threat…..A threat that must be neutralized before it spreads like a disease!
    Freedom is the price we all pay…

while on the other hands syrian electronic army said “Forsure , the Syria’s Internet wasn’t due to Sdos attacks as some kids claimed , it was due to malfuntion in the opitical cable…

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Several schools adopt STOPit mobile app to reduce cyberbullying

Top Priority Sector:  cyber_security STOPit, a mobile app that allows students to anonymously report cyberbullying, has just signed up with seven schools in New Jersey and Florida to provide its platform. Read More….

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Iran admits to cyberattacks in several government agencies

The Iranian government acknowledged today that authorities have found evidence of recent cyberattacks against several agencies, according to reports by state-sponsored media outlets.

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ProtectMyID: True. ID theft has been the most lucrative and fastest growing crime for several years. Why aren’t you protected?

ProtectMyID: True. ID theft has been the most lucrative and fastest growing crime for several years. Why aren’t you protected?

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F-Secure: ‘Several dozen’ malware threats to Mac in 2011

More than before, but not consummate with growth

The Mac platform saw a modest increase in malware outbreaks in 2011 over years past, but still “a small fraction” when compared to Windows, said security firm F-Secure. It added that while malware attacks were increasing, the rate of increase was not commensurate with the growth of the platform, suggesting that most exploits tend to come from programs rather than flaws in the OS itself. In all, the company identified 58 separate threats in 2011, most stemming from a handful of vulnerabilities.

According to the report, trojans were the most popular form of attack with 28 variants, with backdoor exploits comprising another 15. The company did not say how many malware attacks had been seen in previous years, nor did it specify the exact number of Windows malware attacks for comparison.

Threats to the Mac appeared most frequently in June and October, and fell off to nearly none in late summer. This year was notable for the more extensive coverage given to malware threats, including the MacDefender “anti-virus” malware that made headlines over its fairly successful “social engineering” trick of masquerading as a preventative to threats.

The MacDefender malware prompted Apple to begin putting automatic malware protection definitions into OS X (which are silently updated on a routine basis). The malware was “killed off” when Russian authorities raided the Russian online payment processor ChronoPay that was apparently the home of the attack.

Other malwares have been spotted hiding inside pirated Mac apps, including illegal copies of GraphicConverter 7.4 and iWork. A backdoor threat was found in other pirated Mac software, which called itself a virus but ultimately was unable to do much harm.

This fall, a fake “Flash Installer” offered by some sites tried to steal passwords and take screenshots that were sent to a remote server in hopes of obtaining personal data. A later variant tried to actively disable the built-in Apple malware protections, but like most other malware was largely unsuccessful at accomplishing its programmed goals.

F-Secure, which also sells anti-”virus” and malware software and thus has some self-interest in promoting Mac security, said that it expects “more of the same” pattern of malware attacks in 2012, as hacker try to discover programs with exploits and inject code into them — the same principle used by jailbreaking software for iOS, though so far the mobile OS has not been affected by any serious threats, unlike its rival Android.

The WebKit engine that powers Safari and other browsers, along with JavaScript and Java, have been identified by researchers like Charlie Miller as a source of such exploits, but recent moves by Apple to “sandbox” apps and processes within apps will make the process of exploiting vulnerabilities harder, experts say.

F-Secure: 'Several dozen' malware threats to Mac in 2011, Blog, threats, 2011, malware, FSecure, 'Several, dozen'

by MacNN Staff

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