Android Malware ‘Dendroid’ targeting Indian Users

Source: National Cyber Security – Produced By Gregory Evans

The devices are becoming smarter, therefore the chances to abuse them have increased. As the share of Android has become 87% in the global Smartphone market, so the Android is by far an elementary target of the mobile malware developers.The number of malware variants has increased rapidly and today 99 out of 100 mobile viruses are targeting Android Devices. Most of the sophisticated malware has the capability to steal keylogs, send text messages to the premium numbers, steal personal data without requesting permission from the device user, also have the caliber to modify SMS and MMS messages and contacts. Mobile Malware can modify or steal the content stored on your device’s SD card and some advance botnet malware even can give complete remote control of your device to an attacker.Beginning this month, we warned our readers from one such sophisticated android malware toolkit discovered by the Symantec researchers that dubbed as ‘Dendroid’, which runs on HTTP protocol with various malicious features. Dendroid toolkit is able to generate a customized malicious APK file that offers many amazing features such as:can delete and modify call logs and contactscan open any web page on device browserdialing any numberrecording callsIntercepting device messagesuploading images and videos to remote […]

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