Facebook to check outbound links for viruses, malware

After noting how its users have been targeted by phishing and malware attacks, social networking giant Facebook is now checking outbound links for viruses or malware.

Using a new system developed by security firm Websense, Facebook is scanning the links as a precaution to protect its users, tech site The Next Web reported.

“It works by checking the link before the page loads, and if a threat is detected, Facebook will provide a warning with more information. Of course, users will be able to open the links anyway, but they will be doing so at their own risk,” it said.

The Next Web noted Facebook presently has 800 million-plus users.

On the other hand, it noted claims that Websense’s software will not affect user privacy at all.

The Next Web said the precaution is similar to one being implemented by search giant Google, warning Google Chrome users of visiting sites that are potentially harmful or dangerous,

Micro-blogging site Twitter also has a similar service, via its t.co wrapper, it added. — TJD, GMA News

Article source: http://ph.news.yahoo.com/facebook-check-outbound-links-viruses-malware-104805458.html

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