Ken Westin is a cyber stalker trying to make the internet a safer place

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THE internet is sometimes described as the Wild West. And in this metaphor, Ken Westin is the biggest sheriff in town. He’s a professional cyber stalker who tracks down criminals using the trail left by their digital fingerprints. “I’m a hunter,” he told “I like looking at data and drawing a connection.” According to Mr Westin, every contact a person has with a computer device leaves a trace and he’s developed a range of tools that harness techniques such as Wi-Fi geolocation and data mining to suck up the information and use it to track them down. Last week he gave a talk detailing his style of cyber vigilantism at the 2015 DEF CON Hacker conference. He named his seminar “confessions of a professional cyber stalker.” It might seem like an unflattering label at first but it’s one that he’s adopted enthusiastically as he uses his power for good. For Ken Westin it’s all about “making the internet a safer place.” People in his line of work spend a lot of time on the dark web. “We can think like a criminal and that helps us get them,” he said. There’s a sea of data floating around the digital […]

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