What You Should Know About Public Wi-Fi Security

Source: National Cyber Security – Produced By Gregory Evans

What could be better than sitting in your favorite café, sipping latte and browsing whatever the drama of the day is on Reddit? I’ll tell you – doing it securely! Although public Wi-Fi networks are useful for staying connected on the go, they’re also notorious for being easy for attackers to spy on and install various malware on your device. So, why are these networks so insecure? What are some of the common ways they get attacked and what can you do to keep yourself safe? Even though public Wi-Fi hotspots have been around since the early 2000s and people have generally become more aware of online security risks since then, there are still several popular vulnerabilities that hackers can exploit. For instance, many public Wi-Fi networks use no password or encryption of any sort, in which case attackers can see all the traffic on the network, and you, actually, don’t need any special hacking skills to do it. There are many software tools that enable spying on unsecure networks with just a few mouse clicks. Now, you might assume that public Wi-Fi that uses WPA2-PSK the standard data flow encryption in most modern routers is safe. That would be […]

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