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Transatlantic cables will bypass USA to avoid NSA spying

Brazil and the EU has planned to launch joint venture to curtail the US monopoly over the flow of information. 135€ million project would allow Brazil and EU to bypass US owned transatlantic fiber optics cable. 
The initiative has been taken to ward off NSA spying on Brazil and European communications. The modern high capacity fiber-optic cable would extend from Lisbon, Portugal to Fortaleza, Brazil. The President of Brazil, Dilma Rousseff, said during the joint EU – Brazil news statement that privacy is the basic ingredient of freedom. It’s our responsibilty to upheld freedom. Dilma Rousseff was NSA’s victim. 
Her email were intercepted by NSA. President of the EU Council, Herman Van Rompuy, also suggested the importance of bypassing the US whilst avoiding any blatant public criticism of NSA activity. Brazil has also made it mandatory upon Facebook, Google and Twitter to store data of its citizens in the servers located within the country. 
Brazil also plans to create their own secure government email infrastructure to prevent spying. However, In reality though, Brazil’s transatlantic cable plans are unlikely to be driven by the desire to protect the privacy of individuals. It is much more likely to be about developing their digital economy and protecting both government and business confidentiality.

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New York Surveillance Grid- How To Avoid It

Report on the different types of surveillance and tracking in New York which can be avoided with these helpful tips from RT’s reporter.

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Pope Francis: We must control our words, we must avoid putting people down This morning, at the Vatican’s Casa Santa Marta, Pope Francis celebrated Mass in Spanish. It’s the first time he has done so, as Po… ___________________________ Read More….

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Dude runs into tree trying to avoid a fight, then pees on himself

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Avoid This Unknown Dating Trap!

Dr Philip Agrios of Life’s One Law Radio Show talks to Robbin Hoffman, author of I Take Thee: How To Spot A Romantic Financial Predator And What To Do If You… Read More….

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avoid scams on the internet.mp4 Please watch before you send money or do a transaction on any classified site. Read More….

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How to Observe & Avoid Threats against the Principal

By Doc Rogers The most successful bodyguards keep their principals away from any known or possible threats through avoidance, staying alert at all times and being aware of their environment.  Threat prevention methods against your principal place a significant importance on observation skills; keeping a constant state of vigilance, noticing suspicious actions of others, anticipating [...]

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Scambusters’ Tips to Avoid Rip-Off Romeos

Reproduced with the kind permission of NBC Philadelphia report on online romance scammers. Find the full article at http://www.nbcphi… Read More….

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HOW TO: Avoid Online Scams – How To Stop Internet Scams 2011

HOW TO: Avoid Online Scams How To Stop Internet Scams If you or someone close to you has ever fallen victim to an online scam, you know how embarrassing and … Read More….

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Avoid scammers! they are harmful insects

It is about hints and warning from scammers and romance scam. The scammers are very dangerous at this time. We have to protect the new generation through edu… Read More….

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